Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sculpey in its greatest form... bunnies.

Ah Sculpey, the easier-to-mould-than-Fimo baking clay.  Whilst organizing the Sculpey display yesterday, we came across 5 packages of clay that were bitten into.  While we don't encourage our customers to bite our products (especially ones that you could in theory eat but really shouldn't because it isn't safe to eat), there was a silver lining.  After tossing out the bits with bites we used the rest of the clay to demonstrate just how wonderful Sculpey is.  And since it's almost the first day of spring, we felt behooved to create some delightful bunnies, flowers, and bunnies playing with butterflies out of the clay.  So here is the end, albeit unbaked, result.  And remember, always bake your creations in an oven, NOT your microwave!  And stop biting the Sculpey packages, please :)

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