Thursday, March 14, 2013

You know who else loves toys? Pets!

And it's high time we here at Landis' Labyrinth acknowledged that and provided a little something for our favorite four-legged friends (at our Larchmont location alone we have 9 dogs between us all).  We get a lot of customers that come in looking for toys that their pets can play with, and the reality is that you shouldn't give toys designed for children to pets.  A child's stuffed animal isn't made to withstand dogs' teeth, nor are the materials used safe for them to swallow, which will inevitably happen when a dog tears their toy apart.  Dogs love to gnaw on their toys, and unless the toy is specifically designed for them, it's best to avoid using children's toys for their entertainment.         
With this in mind, we found a few pet toys from some of our favorite lines to bring into the shop.  O.R.E, which we typically carry lunch boxes, sacks, bottles, and aprons from, also produces a great pet line, including the jingle cat dangle toy seen in the photo above, as well as the canvas stuffed toys for dogs below.  We love that they don't have tons of appendages to easily rip off of them (my dog is quite fond of de-eyeing and de-limbing his toys).  Another toy shown in the photo above is the plastic zombie chew toy from Gama-Go.  Slightly squeaky, definitely different, this toy is sure to please your pup and possibly scare your friends.  And last but not least, we have a toy that's more for us humans, but requires a dog to make it work: the Pet's Eye View Camera from Nat Geo Wild (part of Uncle Milton).  Simply attach this to your dog's collar (smaller dogs might want to sit this adventure out) and it will, at random, take photos of your dog's journey.  You could see everything from a close-up of their water bowl, the base of a tree, a worried cat, or even if you're especially fortunate, the backside of another dog.  The possibilities are endless! 

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