Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guess who's back and ready to play? Playmobil!

And as Playmobil helpfully reminds us, it's pronounced Play-mo-beel, not Play-mo-bill.  It's been a few years since this line has graced our shelves, and it wasn't that we fell out of love with the line.  We've always been big fans of this European toy manufacturer... they make quality play sets that appeal to both boys and girls, and the recommended age range for their regular line typically goes from 4 to 8 years old (they also have a younger line for 18 months and up so that everyone can get in on the action).  They also cover a wide range of themes, from the more fanciful like pirates, princesses, and medieval knights, to everyday home situations and rescue vehicles.  There really is something for everyone!  We stopped carrying the line initially because we found that we didn't have the proper space to really show off the product (we also had this issue with Haba on Larchmont which is now a huge seller for us since its reintroduction in our new space on Larchmont), not to mention it is constantly confused with Lego.  The faces are similar in design to Lego, but that's really where the comparison ends.  Playmobil is about interacting with the figures and settings and creating scenarios from your own imagination to fuel them.  Lego is more about construction.  There is very little construction involved with Playmobil, so all you have to do it open up the box and you're good to go!  To try and cut down on the confusion on Larchmont we have the Playmobil line at our shop at 144 N. Larchmont (the newer side), and the Lego line is remaining at 140.  During our time apart from Playmobil they came up with some fantastic new products like a plane that you can actually throw as a glider for the older kids.  And it seems that the pricing for everything is lower, but more items are being made in Germany again as opposed to China.  They've really boosted everything about their products, and we're happy to have the space available to re-introduce the line to our customers.  So come on in to 144 N. Larchmont, or our shop in Manhattan Beach, and give Playmobil a hearty "Welcome Back"!

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