Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The best face wins the game!"

No, we aren't holding an infant modelling contest!  The above title is the tagline for the game Funny Faces, a great game we just received in stock here at Landis' Labyrinth.  As you can probably surmise from the picture, the game is about making funny faces, but the educational value is in how this is done.  You get a board with a series of different faces on it, and one player picks up a card with one of the faces on it that only they can see.  They have to then mimic that face, and their co-players need to figure out which face they're making.  It's fun, simple to learn, and a great tool for teaching children about facial recognition.  We receive many requests from customers for products that emphasize this, especially for autistic children, and this is a perfect game for that. We also love that it's for ages 4 and up, so the whole family can join in.

Another new game for us is Collector's Chess Teacher.  We've carried a variety of chess games designed to help beginners learn the game, and we added this one to the mix because the design of it is fantastic.  The chess pieces (which are in the traditional 3D shape) are all marked on the side with instructions on how many moves that particular piece can accomplish, as well as what directions it can go.  I personally didn't learn how to play chess until 2 years ago, and remembering all of those little details was my biggest challenge.  The great thing about this game is that the only reading involved is just for the names of the pieces (they're all labelled).  The directions are just numbers and arrows, so it's great for younger children and non-english speakers/readers.

Boardgames has become one of our biggest selling categories here, and we are constantly getting new ones and old favorites in, so if you have any recommendations, we'd love to hear them!  It's a huge market, and it's easy to overlook a winner, so let us know what else you want to see :)

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