Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chihuahuas with pants. Who doesn't love chihuahuas in pants?

Well, I can tell you who DOES love them... Calico Critters!  That's why they brought out the Chihuahua family and twins sets this year.  You know who else loves them?  Landis' Labyrinth Toy Shop. And that's why we have them both styles in stock right now.  As two of us own dogs who are at least 1/2 chihuahua, we are a bit partial to this new animal family from Calico Critters.  Of course, we realize that chihuahuas may not be exotic enough for some of you CC collectors.  If so, then you are in luck;  they are also releasing Koala and Kangaroo families this year as well (for non-US fans this might not be a big deal, but it's a big deal to us since they're new here in the states!).  If there was one animal that just had to receive the Calico Critter treatment, my vote is for the koala.  We're still waiting for it to ship out from the company to us, but they will be here.  And if for some reason, three new families aren't enough for you, they are also releasing the Border Collie family and twins set this year!  For as long as we've been around, we've never seen them release so many families in one year, so we are so excited for everything to come in.  They also did more triplets sets this year in the form of pigs and Chocolate Labs. 

Naturally, every family needs a home a places to go to relax and have fun.  That's why we ordered the Adventure Tree House, Discovery Forest, Lakeside Lodge, Supermarket, Ice Cream Truck, and Burger Cafe (not sure how the Cow family will feel about that one, but we're hoping they understand that it's nothing personal), in addition to some other play sets.  Calico Critters is one of our bestselling lines, possibly the best for girls 2-8 years old, so we're happy that they're doing so well that they can expand their line further.  They used to be known as Sylvanian Families prior to the 1990's, and still are in other countries, but due to a rights issue they were re-branded as Calico Critters here.  No matter what you call them, they're hard to resist, and as we've seen, most little girls (and parents) can't!

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