Saturday, February 2, 2013

Who's ready to create?

Because we just got an enormous shipment of Faber-Castell/Creativity for Kids art kits and supplies in at 144 N. Larchmont and Manhattan Beach! 
Faber-Castell is known for putting out great art and activity kits that provide both quality supplies and interesting ways with which to use them (hello Gnome Garden!).  They also make great kits geared towards boys that boys actually get excited about.  We regularly hear from parents that trying to get their boys to participate in art projects isn't always terribly successful, but in the case of Faber-Castell/Creativity for Kids, the more boy-oriented kits are usually the first to sell out!  And their line of art supplies goes from your usual colored pencils and crayons to watercolor pencils, gel sticks, oil pastels, and eco-friendly pencils.  They also have a huge line of Shrinky Dinks, which doubtless many of remember fondly and have scoured the city trying to find.  We've got them! 

Part of our shipment from them also includes the ever-popular mini craft/art kits.  Priced at only $6.95, they're the perfect 'You got an A on your math test' reward or gift for a classroom friend.  The Bobble Duo is a big favorite here thanks to their resemblance to the much fawned over Calico Critters (one little girl described them as 'Calico Critters you can color in'), plus of course and jewelry-making kits.  We've already had to refill in a bunch of them, so stock up now!

And speaking of creativity (and shameless self-promotion), we are honored and extremely excited to be named the Best Store on Larchmont in the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society Holiday Lights contest.  We didn't even know there was a contest!  But given how wonderful the shops on Larchmont look all year, especially during the holidays, we are thrilled that we were recognized.  So kids, celebrate your artistic and creative skills... you never know how handy they may be later on down the road :)

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