Monday, August 8, 2011

New toys to brighten your Monday!

One of our favorite silly lines, Playvision, just arrived this morning.  Why do we love them?  Easy... their products are fun for both kids and kids at heart.  The weirdest (and most likely to make you laugh) are the hippo and skunk "Whoopeez", which as you might guess, are fluffy, cuddly, and flatulent.  Give 'em a hug and out will burst a symphony of giggle-inducing sounds.  If that doesn't float your boat, we also have in Lego Darth Vader keychains that are also mini flashlights, as well as the larger "Lego Man" flash light.  We have a version of those Waterbabies that we get asked for on a regular basis (Playvision calls them "Fish Eggs"), and a dual pack of Gumby and Pokey bendable figurines, among other goodies.

We also have strawberry and chocolate Got Milk? single straws.  So if you haven't yet tried them yet (they're straws filled with tiny flavor beads that slowly dissolve as you sip your milk with them), this is a great way to try one, though it's hard to only be satisfied with one... you'll want another a few minutes after your first glass.  From the same company, we also have Bubbalong Tutti Frutti Flavor bubble gum... 92 centimeters of pure gum joy (the box even has a measuring stick on one side, making this gum not only delicious, but somewhat educational).

And for the frequent gift buyers in our shop, you'll be happy to know we just got more kids' birthday cards back in stock, as well as rolls of scratch n' sniff stickers from Peaceable Kingdom.  Between the gum and the stickers, it smells quite good in here today!

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