Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gotta love Farmer's Market Sunday

Sunday's the day to come to Larchmont.  Everyone's relaxed, enjoying seeing the sights on the boulevard, and making the most of the free parking by Rite Aid.  We here at Landis' Labyrinth refer to Sundays as our "regulars" day... we know with about 85% certainty who's going to stop in and say Hi and make our day just that much better.  We've become one of those stops along the way for many people who come in with arms laden with bundles of flowers, stomachs filled with Sam's Bagels (when it's quiet we do our own bagel run, because it's not Sunday without an cheese onion bagel loaded with cream cheese), and carrying around unmarked bags that even from the doorway we know contain the most aromatic chicken around.  After stopping in to check out the latest games and take home a new toy or two, they frequently make their way down to Chevalier's Books (we don't carry many children's books here simply because they have an amazing selection of children's books) and give the dogs and cats up for adoption by the old Blockbuster some much appreciated attention before heading home.

It's hard to believe the summer's winding down and school will be starting up again... the only sign is the absence of some of our regulars who are enjoying their vacations, and the dramatic increase in sales of travel-friendly games and boredom busters.  If you haven't stocked up on these yet, don't worry!  We still have plenty of stickers, coloring books, activity books, Etch-A-Sketchs, and games left.  Some of our best games are from the company Blue Orange Games.  Right now, we have two new games from them ideal for travel: Tell Tale, and TriggerTell Tale is great for the imaginative storyteller;  It's a set of cards, each featuring a different picture.  Each person takes a card, and one person starts telling a story based on their card.  The next person continues the story by adding to it based on their card, and so on.  If you like to come up with stories, this is the game for you!  Trigger is a game of speed and basic knowledge; each card has a statement on it (ex. Sharks have teeth), and you use your right hand to indicate if you think it's true, and left if you believe it to be false.  Whoever gets it correct first wins the card, and whoever has the most cards at the end is the winner.  The instructions say to slap the card with your hand, but this can easily be modified by raising your hand instead.

For those of you staying in town for the rest of the summer, don't fret!  We have kites, beach buckets, outdoor games (including Boules), and some awesome sand toys for 12m+ from the Austrian company, Gowi. And if you're a fan of sidewalk chalk, we have kits from Chalk City to really take your sidewalk art to the next level.  Not to mention some great indoor boardgames for when you're too full of roasted chicken & bagels to move (for those of you who love strategy games, check out Dragon Face)!

Happy Sunday!

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