Friday, August 19, 2011

It's amazing how much happens when you go on vacation...

After a vacation of almost two weeks, it's no wonder the shop looks brand-new to me...there's a ton of new stuff in every corner!  First, we have some long-awaited favorites back in stock: Japanese erasers (koalas, assorted food, and my favorite, hedgehogs), Scratch Art from Peter Pauper Press (if you don't know what this is, it's one of the few things that nearly everyone loves to play with here.  It's black paper that you can "scratch away" and reveal colorful, sparkly paper beneath.  Use the pictures in the book to guide your designs, or make your own!), new sticker books from Dover (great treats for only $1.50 a booklet), and more wind ups from California Creations, including those hard-to-find pod keychains.

 For those of you looking for something new, we have a great new game from the ever-popular ThinkFun Games: Cartoon It! Designed for 2-6 players, 6 years and up, this memory game is based on facial recognition; the player is given a cartoon picture of a funny face, and has 1 minute to look at it and remember as much about it as they can.  Then they must put the card face down, and using a guide to all of the different heads, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and accessories, they must draw to the best of their ability the face on their card.  Once they are done, you compare what they drew with the original drawing, and score based upon how many features they correctly drew.  Not only does this game test your memory, it also works on visual discrimination, drawing skills, and spatial recognition.  For a younger audience, we also have the matching game Monkey Match.  For example, place the monkey in the center of the group of  'workers', and have him point at one person.  Match that person with the picture on the other side of the board that best corresponds with their job.  Place the monkey on that side of the board and he will tell you the correct answer!  This game is great for learning different professions, shapes, etc and making associations between similar things, not to mention, it's got a monkey helping you that always knows the right answer.

For the older crowd, we have I <3 My Bike bike bells.  We've been eying this line for a while, and we're very happy to now offer it to our customers.  With the plethora of bike shops in Los Angeles, it's pretty clear that bicycles are a huge part of our city, and what better way to accessorize your bike than with a unique bike bell.  It looks cool, has a vintage feel/sound to it, and is loud enough to warn pedestrians & other cyclists of your presence!  For those of you already in the Halloween spirit (spirit, get it? ha!), we have a variety of skull accessories from Two's Company.  More in the vein (vein, get it? ha..ehhh, i'll stop) of Dia de los Muertos than natural history museum, these accessories can be worn year-round and include rings, earrings, bracelets, and coin purses.

And last but not least (seriously, there is more!), we have back in stock two items from Ecotronic.  The great thing about these toys is that they light up, make sound, and yet DO NOT NEED BATTERIES!  Just crank them up and they work just like any battery-powered toy.  We have the Eco Mic back, a great little play microphone that plays 'Pop Goes the Weasel', a few drum beats, and it projects your voice so you can hold a concert wherever you are!  We also have the Eco Rocket, which lights up, and plays a countdown to launch as well as some pretty realistic blast-off sounds.  Great fun for the future astronauts we see running around the shop everyday.

Okay, one more thing.  A little birdie told me that another Lego shipment will be sometime next week :)

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