Friday, June 21, 2013

We think you'll really 'dig' these kits!

We're so lucky here in Los Angeles that there are tons of great hands-on science centers for kids to explore and learn from.  The downside is that now you have a child keen on discovering more and you can't go to the museum everyday (nor would it be advisable to dig up the backyard in search of dinosaurs or treasure).  Thankfully, companies like GeoCentral are here to help!  They have a huge line of excavation kits in which you can unearth everything from dinosaur models and actual fossils to pirate's treasure.  Kids can't get enough of these wonderful little kits, and it seems that we can barely keep up with keeping them in stock as a result.  We just a shipment in, but we anticipate them being gone within a few weeks, so stock up now.

More into chemistry than archaeology?  Why not check out the growing pet or magic volcano kits... simply add water and watch your new friends go from tiny to titanic.  These guys are staples of most peoples' childhoods, and they still entrance kids today.

More into biology than chemisty?  Well, we've got a doozy of a kit for you.  Triops!  These little buggers date back to the time of the Tyrannosaurus rex, and are basically like owning Sea Monkeys but way, way weirder.  I've personally done one of these kits, and even without following the directions regarding keeping a lamp on over the bowl while the eggs are hatching (I didn't, I just kept the bowl in a warm kitchen), my triops did indeed hatch, and were everything the package claims.  They're pretty odd, but a neat way to get your kids into understanding an animal's life cycle and care.

More into geology than biology?  The ever-popular 'break-your-own' geodes are back!  What is a geode, you ask?  Wikipedia has a very long explanation, but we like to say, "It's a rock with crystals inside.".  Because that's basically what it is.  You put the geode into an old sock (or just something soft wrapped around it so that bits of rock don't hit you in the face when you crack it open), and then firmly tap it with a hammer.  You don't want to smash it, otherwise you'll just be left with a pile of smashed up rock and crystal, so just tap it until it cracks open and then marvel at the crystals. 

And if you're more into glowing dino stuff over geology?  Yup, we've got it!  We have a decorative dinosaur meant to go on a wall with a glowing skeleton on it, as well as an excavation kit with a glowing dino within.  We're not certain that dinosaurs did ever glow, but it's fun to think they might have!

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