Thursday, June 20, 2013

School's out, camp is in!

And that means CARE PACKAGES!  Already, we've had parents coming in to start compiling care packages for their children off at camp.  It's the same story every summer... what to get that's small, fun, not food-related (many camps don't allow food to be sent from home), and something to remind them of home but to also encourage them to make new friends.  Many of the ideas already put forth in our Travel-Friendly Toys Guide post earlier work perfectly for these important presents from home, but here are a few others that we'd like to suggest.

Classic Toys: These range from good ole fashioned jacks to marbles to jump ropes.  This is one of our biggest-selling categories during the summer simply because they are so portable, they're tried and true, and they really do promote communal play for many ages.  The classic number slide puzzle, paddle ball, and pick up sticks are also great options as well.  Magic kits and gag gifts will keep them entertained and entertaining at camp, and it's hard to wrong with a play ball!

Personal Care Items: While you're at camp, personal space and time are far more limited than at home, so it's nice to include some items that can be shared, but are more meant to be used by your actual child (we hope they don't need an entire box of adhesive bandages to themselves!).  Bracelets, like the Spikelets and Shwings shoe accessories are great for both boys and girls, not to mention something fun to show to their new friends and possibly trade with.  Temporary tattoos are another popular care package item, and of course, it never hurts to have a new pen/pencil to jot down notes on your experience at camp.  Another great idea for camp: sunglasses!  You can never have too many when there are so many opportunities to break or lose a pair.

We'll miss seeing your kids while they're away, but we're happy that we can help you all out by offering awesome goodies for them to receive during their time at camp.  And it's always fun to hear all about their summer when they do get back into town :)

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