Friday, June 28, 2013

Shape your toddler's mind with Edushape!

We always love it when we can add a tried-and-true brand to our offerings, and we are very happy to announce that we are now carrying Edushape at both our Manhattan Beach and Larchmont shops! With a list of awards to back them up, this company promises be a winner in your home as well.  They specialize in development-boosting toys for babies and toddlers, and their designs are quite unique in color and shapes.  The Sensory Balls have gotten the most attention so far (not a surprise... kids love throwing them around!), but the Melody Snaily is possibly our favorite.  Unroll his tail into a soft keyboard/xylophone, and with the assistance of a some handy music cards color-coded to make learning songs simple, your toddler will be jamming away in no time (this is also a great way to help them learn colors as well).  They definitely strive to make their toys as multisensory as possible, so one of their products on its own is enough to intrigue and delight your youngster for hours on end.  Yay Edushape!

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