Friday, June 28, 2013

Get ready for the Fourth of July, Landis' Labyrinth-style!

We're pretty excited for Independence Day.  Can you tell?  Barbeques, watching fireworks, hanging out with friends... what's not to love?  To make your day even more enjoyable, we'd like to suggest a few fun items that everyone in your group will enjoy.  The Sauce Gun makes the otherwise uninteresting task of putting ketchup and mustard on your food exciting.  Just don't mix it up with a water gun or else you'll have soggy food and an upset friend.  Rubiks Cube and High Heeled Shoes speakers add a bit of intelligence/class to your music, and a Magic Solar Butterfly to watch should conversation lag.  Should your party get out of control, consider having some Spam Bandages on hand, and in case someone does use their Sauce Gun as a water gun, some Emergency Outfits will come in handy. 
And make sure to let loose with your fashion choices.  Red, white and blue are all excellent choices, but to really liven things up, go neon!  The fireworks shouldn't be the only bright sight at your shindig.  We have neon scarves, bracelets, Shwings, and glasses.  So come on by before next Thursday (we will be closed on July 4th) and check out what we've got to make your day even better!

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