Friday, May 17, 2013

Two's Company... it draws a crowd!

Each season brings a whole new array of trinkets from Two's Company, a brand that ranges from home decor to jewelry to small gifts.  It's difficult to select which items from their catalogue we want to carry, but as soon as we saw the Chic Patisserie Macaron Gift Sets, we knew those were a must have.  We've carried the Macaron Trinket Boxes for a bit now, and those have a habit of just flying off the shelves (we actually just got a fresh shipment in!), so we knew that anything macaron would probably be a big hit.  These new sets are actually four macaron-shaped boxes with matching, round-ball earrings inside.  So you get four pairs of earrings in different colors, plus the adorable macaron boxes.  These would be excellent divided up as party favors, or perfect as a small "Thank You!" gift set for someone special.  Also back in stock are the beaded bracelets shown above, and the owl hand creams.  We also have our sparkle headbands back, as well as new goodies like neon bracelets, neon scarves, travel pop-up hair brushes, and two different styles of purse hooks that you can put in your purse and pull out when ever you're at a table and need a place to safely set your purse.  Our jewelry case is also full of new jewelry (hair pins, rings, etc.) from Two's Company, and if you must know what our absolute favorite item is, it's this guy:
You might not be able to read his tag, but you don't need to.  Just give him a small squeeze and out comes oinking and snorting that will have you giggling like a small child.  Small children tend to guffaw when they hear him, but hey, a laugh's a laugh.  Two's Company hit a home run with this little piggy!

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