Friday, May 17, 2013

Space: The Final Frontier...Use the Force!

At Landis' Labyrinth, you'll find that we can't just choose between DC or Marvel.  The same goes for Star Wars and Star Trek.  True, we have less in the way of Trekkie goodies, but just as with DC Comics products, it's simply because there are far less options for us to obtain out there.  So in honor of the release of the new Star Trek film, and in anticipation of the upcoming three new Star Wars films destined to come our in the next few years, we present to you... SPACE!!!

Of course, we have loads of Star Wars Lego sets, from galaxy-sized to Pluto-sized (you're still a planet to us, Pluto).  They have some great small sets that are hollow planets filled with the Legos to build one Star Wars Character and space vehicle, so it's a great set for a beginner or for an adult collector looking for the perfect desk toy.  As for Star Trek, we have some Kre-O sets from Hasbro in stock now.  Kre-O isn't as well known as Lego or Mega Bloks, but it's similar in that it is a brick-building toy.  Kre-O tends to veer more towards the collector side of construction rather than the building, so again, great for older collectors who yearn for a small, build-able replica of their favorite Star Trek ship.  Back over to Star Wars, we also just go in some Star Wars character ear buds, perfect for listening to a John Williams/Michael Giacchino score as you assemble your Lego/Kre-O sets.  Because we're assuming that when you play with movie tie-in toys that you're really going to go all out for it and listen to the accompanying music. 
And naturally, being the kind of shop we are, we must pay homage to the classic space-themed toys of yesteryear.  We were nearly overcome with joy and boxes last week when our Schylling Toys order came in, because not only were there a ton of boxes, many of them had space-themed toys within them.  Both the packaging and the toys themselves are retro-inspired, and we hope that they will inspire kids to get out and play this summer.
So stop on by and prepare to be dazzled by our retro and space-related toys!

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