Friday, May 31, 2013

Like to walk on the sand but NOT play in it?

Well, never fear!  We have plenty of great ideas for a day at the beach that don't involve getting sand under your fingernails.  Planning for a trip to the beach involves thinking outside of your normal routine... comfort, portability of items brought, and of course, sun protection are all essential to enjoying your day!  Just because you've outgrown your sand shovel doesn't mean you can't have fun by the water. 

Rock Flower Paper is a brand new line for us at Landis' Labyrinth, seen in the upper photo on the left-hand side.  They make soft, lightweight scarfs perfect for both looking great as an accessory but also an easy way to give yourself just a bit of warmth when the breeze starts blowing.  They also make large canvas totes that can hold all of your beach necessities.

Another new line for us is All For Color, which as you can probably imagine, is quite colorful!  Their
items also happen to be extremely useful for when you're walking about.  Sunglasses, wrap-around wristwatches (so you don't have to risk losing your phone in the sand just to see what time it is!), nail files (for when you just can't resist joining in on the fun of building a sand castle and inevitably run your nails ragged), and pop-up hair brushes to de-snarl what the ocean air does to your hair are all great items to pop in your bag before heading out. 

One line that is not new for us is Karma Bags.  Their wallet-smart phone combo wristlets (see the photo up top) were a big hit last fall for us, so naturally, we had to make it available to you all again!  If you're really into paring down your essential items, this small wristlet is perfect for holding your cards and phone.  That way you can carry other goodies with your TWO free hands.  Yay for minimal organization!

And of course, if you're just going down to the beach to hang out along the boardwalk or pier, a little touch of jewelry is a simple but elegant way to dress up your beachwear.  B.U. be you Jewelry has a line of simple but beautifully wrought vermeil and sterling silver necklaces that come in a gift box and a card about the inspiration of the piece.  So whether it's a gift for a friend or something for yourself, these necklaces are sure to be appreciated.

Enjoy the beginning of summer and the end of the school year :)

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