Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And now for our favorite brand named after an extinct species of fish...

Okay, there are still two varieties of this fish still around, albeit in small numbers.  The brand, and fish, is named Coelacanth (pronounced See-luh-caanth).  The fish, let's face it, is pretty horrifying-looking, but the product line is adorable and great for both kids and adults.  They do everything from little notebooks to purses (we love the bicycle design above especially!), as well as coin/card purses, water bottles, and bags.  Their designs are whimsical, retro, and highly detailed, and truly do make people of all ages smile when they see them.  The robot has become a Landis' Labyrinth favorite around here, but of course, we have other designs in as well if robots aren't your thing.  So if you're looking for a unique but useful gift, consider netting (get it, netting...fish...netting...nevermind) yourself one of Coelacanth's neat-o products!

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