Friday, January 11, 2013

When one door breaks, another is installed :)

For all of you fans of Larchmont Buzz, you may have heard the news that we were burglarized on January 8, 2013 at our 144 N. Larchmont location, along with two other local businesses.  While this has been an extremely upsetting experience to deal with, we are so thankful that nobody was hurt and no major damage occurred at any of the shops involved.  We are also thankful for the respect and love coming from our community during this time, and hope for everyone's sake that this intruder is caught quickly so that no other business is violated.  We truly appreciate your warm words and consideration for the well-being of your local merchants and the people that work hard to make them a positive asset to the Larchmont Village community.  On a lesser scale, we are also thankful that despite the disruption caused by the break in, we still managed to complete our inventory (yup, the break in happened a few hours before we all came in to do our annual inventory day... it was quite a day!) on time so we are already in the midst of reordering more awesome toys and games and finding new ones.  We have already found some incredible new lines that we are very excited about and hope you all will love them as well.  So stay tuned for more toy updates, and please check in with Larchmont Buzz for any updates regarding the break ins.  Hopefully they'll have some good news for us all soon!

Oh, and don't worry, we've cleaned up the glass and rode around the shop with the PlasmaCar a few times already :)  We foresee a great new year for Landis' Labyrinth and Larchmont Village!

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