Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love is in the air, even if the air is freezing right now!

Bundle up, is all we can say, and get a nice cup of cocoa and play a board game by the fire.  It IS chilly outside, but we've got our shops nice and warm now and very, very Valentine-d.  After inventorying both Larchmont shops on Tuesday, meeting with some of our toy reps and finding awesome new items on Wednesday and Thursday, we finally got the chance to get out our Valentine's Day items and do up the windows in pinks and reds in preparation for the big day.  Now, you don't have to have a 'love interest' to enjoy the day... celebrate with your family, friends (one of my personal favorite Valentine's Days was one spent with a good friend making the most of the free Thai ice teas being given out at a local restaurant), or pets.  It should be a day about showing someone significant in your life that you care, no matter who they are.  That being said, should you want to give them a token of your love for them, we do have delightful items out right now that you should know about.

We can't help but notice that Larchmont has gone a bit Macaron-mad since 'Lette Macarons opened on the street (if you haven't been, it's worth treating yourself... they are GOOD!).  So when we saw these Macaron trinket boxes, we knew you'd love them.  Sadly, they are not edible, but they are a whimsical way of keeping your little treasures safe and are a great gift for nearly any age.  If you're looking for something more along the lines of what you'd put into a box, i.e. jewelry, we have a ton in stock right now, from adorable 'sweethearts' bracelets and Valentine's Day earrings, to more year-round adornment from Jewelry by Harlow, Simona V, Splendid Iris, and much, much more! Also, it wouldn't be a party without Hello Kitty showing up, and we do have some darling little jewelry pieces for HK fans of all ages, plus some stuffed animals, including some very special Chinese New Year plush with Hello Kitty.  And let's not forget that it's the year of the snake, so you can imagine how crazy these Hello Kittys are!  If you're looking for something less Hello Kitty and more... scented, we have Pacifica roll-on perfumes (we also just did a big reorder with them, so get excited), Soap & Paper Factory solid tinned perfume (we love their hard-to-find classic scents), and Soap Baubles, which I'm not sure if we've told you about this line, but it's the perfect teen or mom gift.  It's soap in the shape of gems that can either come strung up in a bracelet or as loose gems in a jar.  They smell lovely, and the packaging is beautiful and unique.

And, of course, we have Valentine's Day cards for kids to give out to their friends that come in scratch and sniff, paper airplanes, tattoos, and more.   Valentine's Day cards are infinitely more exciting now compared to when I was a kid (why couldn't we have had scratch and sniff?!?).

It may be a month away, but we'll say it now... Happy Valentine's Day!  And yes, we do love you all :)  Now come in and laugh at Hello Kitty's snake outfit...

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  1. Super cute!! You have such exciting new things in! I can't wait to come in and see the new Hello Kitty and Pacifica make my favorite line of scents, lotions, and soaps! I'm so excited you carry that line! Thank you Landis!