Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes! We can has Hasbro!

And boy, did we make the most of this last order.  Our quickest selling section, the 'boy' wall (I put boy in quotes because that's where I would have shopped when I was little and I'm not a boy!), is filled with goodies from Hasbro.  We're still waiting on some more Avengers items to come in, but we have the Hawkeye Bow from Nerf, the Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists, and the Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor all in, as well as some action figures that are selling fast.  We also have three kinds of Beyblades in, and of course, some great Star Wars items.  Also for Star Wars, we have a new line called Underground Toys in that feature talking plush and clips from Star Wars, as well as a Ghostbusters Stay Puft clip that plays the Ghostbusters' theme song. 

Okay, back to Hasbro... We have an assortment of board games turned travel-size, including Trouble. Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Perfection.  We also have the new version of Monopoly Deal in, which is different from the original Monopoly Deal in that you're trying to become the first millionaire, rather than to be the first to have 3 sets of property like the old one.  Another cool retro game brought back is Rubik's Race, a two player version of the Rubik's Cube (which we are also well stocked with now) where you have to replicate a flat version of a Rubik's Cube and be the first to do so. 

Some other classics back include a mountain of Play-Doh, a pile of Mr. (and Mrs.) Potato Head, and a couple Lite Brites.  And for other classics, we also had a massive shipment of Toysmith come in, which consists primarily of classic toys and goofy games and tricks.  So we are doing pretty well for summer fun. 

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