Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why are we so low on Thomas the Train and Lego?

We've been getting these questions a lot lately.  And for good reason.... you guys love both of these lines and we've been desperately trying to fill in the shelves with alternate merchandise.  But, there is a reason why we're so low on stock on both of these lines.  For Lego, we should get a double shipment in very, very soon.  We've been trying to contact them for over a month now, and because they are such a large company, it's hard to get connected to the person that can make things happen sometimes!  But we're confident that we'll be surrounded by boxes and boxes of Legos soon, so don't worry, we will have them back.   As for Thomas, well, let's put it this way.  When a train leave the depot, it leaves a station, and until it reaches the next station, you can't exactly board it.  That's the case with Thomas right now.  Mattel is now the proud distributor of Thomas, but the train isn't quite at their station yet, and won't be for about 6 more months for us (not sure if chain stores are in this situation, but us independents are).  And the previous owner of Thomas is out of stock, so for us, the Thomas train is in transit and can't be boarded at the moment.  We still have some stock left, so get it now before it's gone!

The good news is that Schylling, one of our best-selling companies, is now distributing Brio!  Brio has been unavailable to American consumers for a few years now, but it's back, and we plan on bringing it Landis' Labyrinth in the near future.  Stay tuned!  We also just got in some large shipments of Hasbro and Toysmith (they do tons of good classic toys), so we're full to the roof with new goodies to tide you over til Lego and Thomas are back at full volume.

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