Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You know we're busy when we can't even tell you how busy we are!

Seriously!  We've been so busy ordering and checking new toys in that we haven't had the chance to update this blog!  Oh where to begin....

Legos: We've gotten in about half of our March shipment in, including a VERY limited supply of Lego Minifigures Series 6, so get them while you can.  Lego is phasing out of lot of their lines to make way for new lines, including a Dino line, and some really awesome Duplo for girls (including ones with Disney princesses).  We also have Ninjago back, and CITY of course, and we're eagerly awaiting the DC/Marvel lines they're introducing this year.  It is the year of the superhero, it seems...

Manhattan Toy: Lots of new baby gifts/toys, including more toys that are from Parents Magazine and more Whoozit-themed goodies.  Also, Groovy Girls are back, and selling like, well, Groovy Girls.

Hello Kitty: What can we say about Hello Kitty that we haven't already said?  It's cute, affordable, and we've got a great selection of it right now (my favorite is probably the Sakura Dangle Rings with little cherry blossoms hanging off of the center).

Games:  We've gotten in reorders from our favorites, including Blue Orange and ThinkFun, and a new game from Everest called Anomia.  Anomia is a Mensa Select Winner and deservedly so.  It's a card game that involves recognition of shapes as well as coming up with an example of a type of _____ on the spot before your opponent does.  An example would be to name a type of fish.  Sounds easy, but when you're put on the spot, it gets tricky.  It's meant for at least 3 players, 10 years of age and older, and similar in feel to Blue Orange's Spot It.

Ty Plush: Fresh out of the box today, we now have the Monstaz line in 3 sizes (including the ever-popular clip), and more Beanie Boos.  Probably the most affordable-but-good-quality plush on the market, Ty is a favorite amongst our customers!

I could go on for the rest of the evening, but I'll cut it short since it's much more fun to come into the shop in person and see everything!  But we do have a ton of classic toys from Schylling and Toysmith in right now, as well as science goodies from GeoCentral (more excavation kits!), and awesomely-weird gadgets from Accoutrements, Kikkerland, and more!  We are also carrying Buckyballs now, in both classic nickle and multicolored chromatics.  HOWEVER, and this is a big however in case the all-caps didn't give it away, we can only sell these to people aged 14 and up.  This is part of our agreement with the company to ensure that only people who are completely aware of the dangers that magnets present if ingested are allowed to purchase them.  So please, don't be insulted if we ask your 10 year old to come back with you!  We just want to make sure that everyone, including pets, stay safe, and that we are abiding by the policy that the company behind Buckyball has set in place.

Stay tuned for more new arrivals... we still have a few big ones and lots of cool small ones on their way to us!

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