Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anyone want a Papo fixture?

That's right... we are anticipating the arrival of a larger one for the Larchmont shop, so that means we either need to find a new home for the current one, or toss it.  We'd much rather someone took it home with them to use as their own personal Papo figurine display (or whatever else you can think to use it for).  So here's the deal;  give our cashier your name and number if you're interested, and when we get our new fixture in, we will be calling interested people back in the order that they gave us their number.  The first person we call that says "YES!" gets it.  We can't provide transportation of the fixture, so only leave your name if you have a way of transporting it right away and are seriously interested.  If we don't have any takers then we'll have to toss it, unfortunately, so please, let us know now.  Thanks for playing "Who wants a Papo fixture?"!

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