Saturday, November 19, 2011

Want to win a chance to get your favorite toy at the Larchmont Shop?

And have fun at the same time?  If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then stop by this Saturday and take part in our very first coloring exhibition.  Exhibition?  Yes, exhibition!  We're doing more than a contest... we want to see how creative our customers are and share their work with the neighborhood.  All you have to do is 1. Come by starting this Saturday (November 19th) and pick up a "Landis' Labyrinth Coloring Page", 2. Take it home, and write down on it what your favorite toy is and why, 3.  Draw your favorite toy in the wagon on the picture, 4. Color in as much of the picture as you want, 5. Write your name and age on it, and 6.  Bring the finished masterpiece back to us and we'll display it for all to see.  We'll be running this exhibition until December 3rd, and then we'll select our favorite entry!  Whoever is the lucky winner will be awarded a gift certificate to the Larchmont Village Landis' Labyrinth.  And keep in mind, we won't necessarily pick the drawing with the most "superior" art skills.  We're looking for creativity and expression, so surprise us.  If your favorite toy is a red play ball with yellow stars on it because it looks just like the one John used to have before his dog destroyed it on Groundhog Day, then please, tell us.  Even if you can't draw a star very well and they look more like spiders.  We still want it!  We're going to leave the age limit open, so all entries are welcome!

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