Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our giraffe has a name and we have yet more new art kits!

So about the giraffe... you all remember Gerry, our very vigilant and tall guardian of the shop who spent countless hours greeting our customers as they stepped into the shop?  Well, earlier this year, he was given his due retirement and is now living happily with another giraffe and a very lucky little girl.  So naturally, the time came for us to hire a new giraffe to take over Gerry's duties.  We had many applicants, but we found our winner in General Rosie, a name suggested by one of our young customers for our new giraffe that won our poll this past week (Gus was a close second... maybe next year!).  As you might guess from the name, General Rosie is more than qualified to make sure that everyone has a great time when they come into Landis' Labyrinth, and will not tolerate anything but the best, at least until someone else comes in and offers her a chance to retire.  So rest assured, your next visit will be a good one, in no large part due to the ridiculous amount of art kits that we now have in stock.  In addition to the mountain of kits from Faber-Castell/Creativity for Kids, we also have a pretty awesome supply of kits in from Alex Toys, including a sewing machine and sticker maker!  These are always a big hit for the holidays, so we're happy they've come in so soon.  We also have a ton of bath toys from Alex, my favorite being the Dirty Dogs, which are dogs that are all covered with dirt stains that magically disappears when put in the bath.  IT'S MAGIC!  I also do love the Water Flutes, but I'm a sucker for any musical toys so that's just a given. 

Speaking of water, have we mentioned that's it's rained recently.  As in this past week?  As in probably many times in the next few months?  Never fear, Stephen Joseph is here!  Who is this Mr. Joseph, you may ask?  Only a great line of raincoats, rain boots, ponchos, umbrellas, wallets, and backpacks.  We have four styles of rain boots and jackets- owls, robots, pirates, and flowers, and some really fantastic Signature Collection Backpacks.  We also have the ever-popular wallets in from them, including a pirate octopus that I would beg my parents for if I was still 9. 

We've noticed this past week that people are already picking up gifts for children's charities for the holidays.  It's an absolutely selfless act of kindness that we applaud, not because it means sales for us, but because everyday we see children in tears because they can't get the toy they want.  The children benefiting from these charities aren't even afforded the opportunity to go into a toy store and yearn for a new toy, which makes it all the more important to recognize how special it is to help out whenever we can.  It can be quite difficult to figure out what a child you've never met, and will likely never meet, will want for a gift, but we'll do our best to show you things that we know children similar to them love.  So don't be shy about asking us for help!  We've talked to hundreds (thousands?) of kids and their parents, so we have a fairly good idea of what they like, and we're under no obligation to keep this info secret! 

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