Friday, November 4, 2011

All this rain means it's time to break out the art kits and get creative!

Good thing we have the whole art section filled up with Faber-Castell, Creativity for Kids, and Melissa & Doug.  We even have Shrinky Dinks back in stock finally, so you can both make yourself some snazzy new accessories, and use your oven in the process and really warm up your home!  My personal favorite (beside the Melissa & Doug Paint Your Own Rubber Duck... I don't think anything can top that) is the Creativity for Kids Wee Enchanted Garden.  Not only does it come with gnomes you can paint, but it comes with seeds to plant and a little house for your gnome to call home and make terrible rhymes in. 

We also have a few new Ugly Dolls happily awaiting to be brought home and loved.  We're all big fans of the newest line from them, Citizens, which is basically a special series of Ugly Dolls that are only available in that size (the size is in between the Lil Uglies and the Classic Size).  They're a great size for gifts, and well-priced at $16.95 each.

But back to art.... remember Klutz?  That awesome line of activity books that teach you everything from how to make pom-pom animals to directing your own film?  Well it's back, and just in time for you early holiday shoppers (keep in mind, we only carry a limited amount of stock of each item due to our shop size so once we're out, we likely won't get more back in before Christmas and Hanukkah)!  Some of my own favorite kits are back, such as the Glossy Bands and Face Painting Kit, but we also have a ton of new books to check out.  One I actually quite like is the Look Book, which, despite my not being a girly-girl, I think is really a great guide on how to draw clothing and to shade facial features, something that I struggled with when I was little and would have loved to use as a reference. 

If this post seems a bit more skewed towards girls, it's probably because I just finished doing up the "boy" merchandise window, so I think subconsciously I'm trying to balance things out!  But I've got to say, the new Thomas items we have in are pretty awesome, in particular, the Light Up Aquarium Car, which actually does light up to show off the marine life cargo the trains are transporting.  And we are still offering a free Thomas gift with any $40+ Thomas purchase.   I believe I also forgot to point out the newest vehicle from Green Toys... the School Bus.  We constantly get asked for toy school buses, but for the most part, they're rather difficult to find from the vendors we order from.  So we were extra excited that one of our favorite companies, Green Toys, came up with one!  Safe for 1 year and up, this is sure to be a big hit with the kids in the neighborhood. 

It's been a quiet week for shipments, but that'll change soon.  Keep checking back for more updates, and come by this weekend and let us know how your Halloween was!

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