Monday, October 31, 2011

What's fuzzy and adorable and back in stock at Landis' Labyrinth? Also, who's finally arrived at our depot? (Give up? Spoilers below!)

Calico Critters!  Finally, at long last, we have a mountain taller than most of our customers once again.  There's too many kinds to list, I have to point out the Caravan Family Camper that attaches to the Convertible Coupe Car.  If you have a little one who desperately wants a place for the Critters to live, but also wants a car for those lovely Sunday drives that they no doubt take in Calico Critter land, this could be the solution!  We also have yet more Hello Kitty in... including a gigantic stamp set, slippers, coin/mini bags, plush, and puzzles. 

And now for the really big news.... THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE IS HERE!  This I believe is the final piece of the Landis' Labyrinth toy offerings puzzle.  With both Hasbro and Thomas now firmly in the Landis' Labyrinth family this year, we're happy to say we now really do have all of the major brands inside our little shop.  Now we can focus on finding more awesome lesser-known brands to add to the mix.  But back to Thomas... we have trains, tracks, and if you spend $40+ on Thomas and his friends, you get a free gift!  It's all in our backroom-area, where we've been slowly moving many of our younger "boy" items.  We still have play food, puzzles, placemats, and Green Toys back there, too, so be sure to check it out, and let us know what you think?

And because we like them so much, we have to share that we also have a whole new shipment of plush in from TY, including Beanie Boos, Beanie Ballz, and some ridiculously cute kittens and puppies.

With that all said, have a Happy Halloween!  We're looking forward to seeing all of the photos of your boos and ghouls dressed up for the occasion.  And just to throw out a brilliant idea one of customers told us about, offer $.25 in exchange for each piece of candy your kids collect tonight.  You get a year's supply of candy for the office, they don't get any cavities, and we have a whole store full of goodies they can purchase.  I know, I know, it seems like shameless self-promotion, but it really did happen last year, and I really do think it's a pretty sweet idea.  Get it... sweet?  Ha!  Happy Halloween!

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