Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Join Us On Facebook? (Or Instagram, or Twitter or...)

As a brick and mortar business with a strong tie to our immediate community, the internet can be both a blessing and a curse. We know you Amazon shoppers are out there and we get it, it's convenient, but we also get the importance of experiences you can only have in an actual store.

 How else can you to know a product before you spend your hard earned money on it, or the significance of showing your baby a toy and knowing he or she will love it before ever checking out. What about taking a child to create his or her own birthday wishlist or to pick out a present, with thought and care, for a close friend?

We value these experiences above impersonal convenience and we know from the familiar faces we see in our shops everyday that many of you do too.

So how does a small business like us use the internet to our (and your) advantage? In a number of ways!

Events events events! They're a new direction for us but one we're having a lot of fun with. Check out Facebook for upcoming events and Facebook and Instagram for photos of the fun.

Deals and Discounts:
Secret discount codes abound in our web presence! Don't miss the chance to save! Check out our official website as well as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even this blog for the deals!

Updates and Info:
Sometimes stuff changes. Mostly for the better! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for info about what products can be found where, any sales that might be happening or any other general store info.

So with that in mind, check us out on any of these platforms:

Facebook - Landis' Labyrinth, Inc

Instagram - LandisLabyrinth

Twitter - @landislabyrinth

Pintrest -  Landis' Labyrinth, Inc

Blogger -

Official Site -

Oh and don't forget to stop in and say hello!

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