Friday, March 6, 2015

Toy Essay Writing Contest Winner #1 Amadi, Age 12!

I have been playing with playmobils since I was 2. My friends say 
“ Ha, Ha, she still plays with little dolls!” I say that there are endless possibilities with them. There is always a new storyline. Personally, I like to write, so I use stories to base characters off of and homes. I love to make cities and towns and create positions. I love playmobils because they are so detailed and perfected. I have a giant collection and what is shown in the pictures is barely half of it. I have sets from the hotel expansion and the pool to sets like the church, the hospital, the take-along  hospital and the hospital stuff pack. When I was little, my friend and I drew pictures of sets that we wanted the playmobil company to make, and sent them in. I don't know if they ever made them, but they called us to say thanks and gave us free playmobil person keychains.

 Essay and pictures by Amadi, age 12.

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