Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patricks' Day! - Enjoy Our Lucky Holiday Craft Idea from Amanda Johnson!

Here is another great craft from our resident activity expert Amanda Johnson, check out some of her other awesome crafts from past blog posts and come meet her in person at her upcoming Spring Into Craft Event right here at Landis!

Project: Fruit Loop Rainbow
Time: less than 1 hour total.

- Fruit Loop Cereal
- White Glue
- Glitter (optional)
- Construction Paper / Lightweight cardboard or paper plates.


1. Draw out a rainbow on the construction paper
2. Pour some cereal onto a paper plate for the kids to pick from. I find it easier to see and sort the colors if I use a plate instead of a bowl.
3. Put a line of glue around the outside edge of the rainbow on the construction paper or paper plate. Have your child place red fruit loops on the line.
4. When they are done with the red line, put down another line of glue just below the red row and have them cover it with orange fruit loops.
5. Continue with this process until your rainbow has all the colors.

Optional - Shake glitter onto the glue before the fruit loops to ad some extra sparkle.


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