Monday, February 16, 2015

Introducing Our New Website!

If you're familiar with Landis' Labyrinth at all you know our main focus is our brick and mortar business. We care about quality products and happy customers. Lately, however, we've been meandering in some new directions too. With the expansion of our Larchmont Village shops from two to three, we've decided to beef up our internet presence as well. In that vein, we would like to introduce our very first official website! It's a platform we're still experimenting with and, as always, we love your feedback.

On our site's "Contact Us" page you will find two forms, one is for donation and media requests, and the other is a general contact form. We encourage you to use this to communicate with us about what you are looking for in either a website or a toy or general store. This could include event ideas, product requests, promotion suggestions, what you're loving, what you're hating, what you want more of or honest to goodness just to say hello!

Check the site out here:

and don't forget to check us out on Twitter and Instagram as well! 

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