Sunday, January 25, 2015

Guest Post: Arts And Crafts With Amanda Johnson

Introducing our very first guest blog post!
Amanda Johnson is a long time friend of Landis' Labyrinth and we're so excited to add her expertise to our blog and our community. You can read more about her at the end of the post but first, enjoy this creative, kid friendly activity perfect for a slow afternoon at home or a group play date.

MandiKid™ : Arts and Crafts

Ages: 1-5 years old

Project:  Painted Toy Car Tracks and Animal Tracks

*       Paper (printer paper to construction paper, the larger the better)
*       Tempera paint  
*       Paper plates or trays
*      Toy cars, trains, trucks, toy animals (that are cleanable, preferably plastic)
*      Optional: images from old magazines or images printed off the Internet of a tree, favorite cartoon  character or anything the child finds interesting.
*       Optional: Scotch Tape or Elmer's glue (if using images)

1) Put each color on an individual paper plate or trays.
2) Next, have each child pick the first toy they want to roll or walk through the paint.
3) Then show them how to “drive” or "walk" the toys on the paper and to only "drive" or "walk" them on the paper.
4)  Now it's their turn so let the fun begin! For older children, the optional "images" can be glued or taped creating a great fun scene of animal tracks walking up to a tree. The possibilities are endless. Once completed, you can ask them to tell you a story of where the car drove or what kind of animal made the prints and did he go up into the tree?  This is optional, but helps further creative development.  
5)  When it's all done, I'd found children love stomping on the paper afterwards. This will also help release extra energy the children build up normally but in a fun way, inclusive of the project.
6)  Clean up - the easy part. Have the child roll up all the paper he or she doesn't want to keep and stack the paint plates or trays on top of each other and they go easily into the trashcan.

 A little bit about Amanda:

"Amanda Johnson began her calling in child development whilst studying at the University of Louisville. Nearly a decade and a half later of continued studies, teaching (Children's Aid Society, New York City) and private consulting for both individuals and groups.  Amanda has specifically focused her work and program development with children ages 0.1-5 years old.

Amanda Johnson moved to Los Angeles and continued her work with 0-5 child development in a myriad of fashions. From consulting, guest lecturing, work shops for parents, teachers, therapists to private and in rare instances where a curious situation, Amanda has and will specifically with a family - managing the educational and character building of the children and educating and sharing tips with the parents, so after her departure with the kids now a "MandiKid" - well behaved, good study habits. polite and well socialized to progress and excel on ward from elementary school to college."
If you are interested in any of her services, please call or e-mail Amanda at
Amanda Johnson
Tele: (646) 641-5408

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