Friday, December 26, 2014

Playmobil Add Ons!

Playmobil is awesome, there's no question about that. One thing we love about them is that on every box it shows just exactly which pieces come inside. There are also kits of all sizes based in all different kinds of worlds. Ancient knights, modern malls, dark jungles, mysterious crime scenes, picturesque farms and even dinosaurs are among the choices.

One cool option that Playmobil has that not everyone may know about is the wide selection of add-ons they provide for each theme. Do you need more fencing so your horse can have more space to run? Does your man eating Alligator need a mate and baby? Maybe that pool needs a stylish umbrella table to keep your characters out of the sun. 

The unusal thing about these add-ons is that they don't come in boxes but instead clear plastic bags. This means you don't just get to see a picture of the product, you actually get to see exactly what you're getting!

Landis' Labyrinth has recently stocked up on a selection of these awesome add-ons so don't be afraid to dream big and play even bigger with Playmobil!

Royal Wedding Couple With Cake

Pirate Treasure

Blue Dragon

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