Friday, October 31, 2014

Your New Old Best Friend!

Larchmont Village has long been a peaceful, family friendly enclave nestled in between the stately neighborhood of Hancock Park and the bustle of Paramount and Hollywood. With traditional conveniences turning to trendy boutiques, Devoney Wolfus, owner of Landis' Labyrinth Toy Shops, a newer neighborhood fixture, wanted to bring back some of the warmth she felt from the neighborhood she grew up in. Her mother Chris Wolfus spent a successful tenure running Landis General Store, and since it's closure in 2011 the community has often lamented it's absence. When a space opened up, the younger Wolfus knew just what to fill it with.

The new incarnation of Landis General Store caters to the whole family. With accessories ranging from jewelry to headphones and from scarves to wallets, there is something for everyone. A few selections from Landis' Labryrinth have been relocated there such as Arts and Crafts but it also features exciting new collection of house wares including lamps, vases, wall hangings and more. Unlike most boutiques the general store will not forget Dad. Fine leather wallets and shaving sets are among the male friendly items coming.

In honor of the original Landis, eventually there will also be a "convenience" section featuring office and home supplies.

Wolfus is honored to be following in her mother's footsteps and reviving an important neighborhood landmark. Her and her dedicated staff hope to see you in one of the three lively storefronts soon and often!

140 N Larchmont Blvd.:
Puzzles, Plush, Games, Barbies, Super Heroes, Figurines, Gags, Magic, Lego, Backpacks, and more!

142 N Larchmont Blvd.:
Jewelry, Scarves, Key Chains, Housewares, Seasonal,  Arts and Crafts, and more!

144 N Larchmont Blvd.:
Pregnancy gear, Swaddles, Crib Gear, Teethers, Bath Toys, Shower Gifts, Books, Early Childhood Toys, and more!

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