Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's Everywhere!

 We don't even realize it half the time but Science is everywhere! That camera you ware out every vacation, those jeans you died a darker blue, your favorite cookie recipe, even the cleaning concoction you use to get stains out of..everything! When you think about how much science affects our daily lives how can you NOT be into it?

Dinosaurs are real! There's evidence everywhere and excitingly paleontologists are finding new clues to what they looked like and how they lived all the time!

If dino digging sounds like your kids kind of fun check out one of our Toysmith: Dig A Dinosaur Skeleton Kits and feel what it's like to find ancient T Rex bones..but on a slightly smaller scale.

The night sky only begins to reveal the vastness of the universe, and the beauty! The stars have struck the fancy and imagination of poets and scientists alike since the dawn of human history.

If gazing upwards lifts your soul check out the Toysmith: Night Sky Projection Kit. Learn the constellations in the comfort of your own room, transformed into a wondrous night sky.

Nature is great but sometimes it can use a little help from technology. What can't be improved by a bolt of electricity or a shiny battery? Between a broom or a vacuum, which would you choose to clean up that mess?

If your children are of the internet age in mind and speed check out the Toysmith: Brush Robot. Build him and watch him go! He'll probably clean up after himself better than they do!

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