Friday, September 6, 2013

Penny Scallan is now at Landis' Labyrinth on Larchmont!

And just who is Penny Scallan, you ask?  Penny Scallan Design is an Australian company consisting of a small but dedicated group of designers whose philosophy is, Less work for Mum, more fun for Kids.  A great idea that we fully stand behind!  And of course, this philosophy wouldn't work without a great product to back it up, and luckily for all of us, they certainly have that.  We have three styles of backpacks/bags in three different patterns to choose from.  Besides their clean, modern design, what sets them apart from the usual bags is of course, the details.  The bag is constructed of 100% cotton, coated for durability and easy wipe cleaning, it's insulated with foil, fully lined inside for water resistance, BPA-free, and has good old-fashioned metal zippers to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.  We also love that they come with silicone bag tags that you can write your child's name on so that no one else can lay claim to their awesome bag.  What styles do we have?  The Junior Trolley Bag to pull along (the largest of the bunch), the Back Pack Lunch Box for easy carrying, and the classic School Lunch Box for when you don't need to bring the whole kitchen with you :)  If your child or you are in the market for a new lunch bag (and let's face it, many adults would have no problem bringing their lunches to work in one of these designs), well, you know where to look!

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