Friday, August 16, 2013

Kick off the fall right with Kikkerland, Fred, and DCI!

We have gadgets galore in our shops right now!  As many of you are resuming school, or simply coming back from vacation and thinking, "Why am I here?", we have some neat new desk toys to entertain you during the readjustment back to working hours.  Or to help your overcome your  existential crisis if you're really questioning things.

The great thing about Kikkerland, Fred, and DCI (also known as Decor Craft) is that they make fun things that are also functional.  Mini speakers to hook up to your iPod/ iPhone, no-battery robot flashlights, LED bike lights, a portable mini computer mouse, and our owner's favorite, the Magic Soap are all useful additions to your routine (and if your kids/ significant other argues that they can't do the dishes or chop up veggies because their hands will smell of garlic or onion afterwards, the Magic Soap is your answer back to them).  Somewhat less useful in a practical sense but delightful to your senses are the Music Boxes from Kikkerland, available not only in a selection of classic tunes but also in a DIY Music Box kit that allows you to create your own songs.

But back to food things.  Fred and Kikkerland both do some pretty spectacular kitchen items.  If we could carry all of their food items, we would, but some just don't make sense for us to have, so we stick to the more whimsical, like the Manatea loose-leaf tea infuser.  We've been hearing sniffles already, so this little guy is great to have on hand when you want a great cup of tea to help chase away colds and allergies.  Or if you just happen to love tea in general.  Or manatees in general.  And of course, how could we not have Undead Fred Zombie Cookie Cutters?  Zombies are still quite popular, though one wonders if they would be received with the same amount of enthusiasm should they actually appear in real life, and we imagine that some pretty interesting cookies will be made with these.  Bonus points if you can make a jam-filled one.  The Tea Cup Cake silicone cupcake mould is another fun way to serve up a treat (perfect for a tea party, that's for sure), and if you're in the mood for hanging up some decorations for your little party, we have the Catwalk Cat Paperclips to use.  Also fun for photos, the Fuzzy Face Frame, which allows you to turn your loved ones into versions of Wooly Willy.  Bonus points if you use this with your wedding photos.  And then just for fun, we also have the yellow and black 'Do Not Cross' scarf, and the quirky cute Ear Buds from DCI to keep your music flowing in style.

So check out these, and much more, soon, because we've already heard people planning out their Christmas and Chanukah gifts, so if you see if now, snatch it up!

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