Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our favorite Canadian line of wallets is back!

Lavishy!  This one is both a staff and customer favorite, and as I happen own a Lavishy wallet, I can honestly attest to its greatness.  I've had mine for about two years now, and it's only just beginning to show signs of wear, which considering how much stuff I shove into my purse, is pretty amazing.  Of course we brought back in more birds/owls, but we also got some adorable puppies and a tattoo-esque design for something a bit different.  All of their designs are full of fun and one of the neatest things about them is that they are vegan leather, meaning they look and feel like leather, but are actually synthetic.  And when you are ready to let go of it for good, it will biodegrade in about 10 years of being in a landfill.  So you're getting a great wallet that is also earth-friendly!

And if you don't need a new wallet at this time, might we also suggest you check out some of their whimsical jewelry ;)

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