Friday, July 26, 2013

Expect to find us buried in toys soon!

Whew!  It's been quite a busy few weeks writing up orders for the rest of year.  The L.A. Gift Show was a big success for us... lots, and I mean LOTS of reorders, a few new lines to offer you guys, and some new friends all came out of this latest show. 

We like to be a bit coy about the new lines (we all love a surprise, don't we?), but we can tell you this much... we have a new line of plush toys that has an online option for the purchaser to designate where they'd like the company to donate a portion of the sale to.  We also have a really cool baby line of gift sets and bibs and such with some really unique designs on them.  For the older crowd, we have a line of sunglasses unlike any we've yet seen, and some new desk toys to keep you entertained when you'd rather be napping.

As for reorders, there are just too many to list here!  One that we're really excited about is Maileg, which for us was an extra special order to place as we got to meet Hanne from Maileg, who told us all about the company and how they operate their own factory in China where their products are produced.  She's also just an all around awesome person!  We also found out from here that the correct pronunciation of this line is My-Ly (rhymes with Mai Tai), which broken down means "Play with Mai", Mai being the creator of the line and Leg being Danish for Play.  And yes, Lego is derived from this word as well.  But back to the products... their Christmas line is incredible.  We are so excited for this holiday season thanks in large part to this line.  We hope you'll love them, too!  We also reordered Apple Park, which has some of the most beautiful baby gifts out there (not to mention some of the safest and most eco-conscious).  We have reorders from Fred, Accoutrements (with some hilarious holiday items), Gama-Go, DCI, Douglas, Melissa & Doug, Thomas the Train, Schylling, Faber-Castell, Manhattan Toy (who has the coolest puppet ever coming out), TY plush, Pomegranate, Compendium, lots of board books for toddlers/babies, Corolle, Mattel, Hasbro, Shwings (so many cool new styles!), Green Toys... you know, you should probably just come in the next few months to see everything.  There's just too much to mention.  But we feel we owe to you to show you just why we've been absent from the internet for the past month.  You deserve an explanation, and we hope that once you see everything in person that you'll agree it was worth it :)

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