Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gak is Back!

Today is the day kids who remember the earlier 1990's have dreamed of for years.  Gak is indeed back to delight a whole new generation.  This is NOT something that your iPad can replace.  You can stretch it to what should be an impossible length, make it into a disgusting balloon (we all did it at some point, and not always with the tools we were supposed to use), and of course, make rude noises with it.  There have been many imitators since then, but none quite so heartwarming as Gak.  Perhaps it's the shape of the container?  It's obvious connection to a time when Nickelodeon's best-known shows were Rocko's Modern Life, Salute Your Shorts, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters,  Legends of the Hidden Temple, and of course, Guts?  Or is it that it just is truly the best goopy putty of all time?  We don't know, but if you were not fortunate enough to experience Gak back in its earlier years, here's a video to demonstrate what you were missing out on (but no long have to now!).  Enjoy!

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