Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You can never go wrong with classic Fisher Price Toys

Unless you're 12 and like Star Wars.  The TV Radio might not do the trick in that case.  But for the under 3 set, these toys are retro-reproductions as their best.  We just got a gigantic shipment in from one of our favorite retro toy companies, Schylling, and there's just too much classic goodness to be contained all in one post.  So before the classic Fisher Price toys sell out,  let's chat about them.

I actually had the Chatter Telephone when I was little, and it still makes me happy to see it when I come in to work.  It's probably one of the few opportunities kids today will get to even see a rotary phone!   The Music Box Record Player is the overall shop favorite.  It's a record player... for kids!  For the musically-inclined, we also have the Pull-A-Tune Xylophone to create wonderful or at least interesting melodies from.  For the slightly less musically-inclined there is also the Change-A-Tune Piano, for which no matter what key you press, you will be playing the 'right' note in the song.  And of course the Picture Camera and TV Radio never fail to bring smiles to both parents and children.  Carry on the tradition of owning a classic Fisher Price toy with your children!

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