Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just what makes a hero super?

Being in the window at Landis' Labyrinth, of course!  
Okay, so that's not really the definition of a superhero,  but no matter how exact your definition may be, you can't deny that Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, and Captain America are most definitely super.  And we've got them all, as well as the Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, etc.  Lego has done a great job with their DC & Marvel lines, and of course, it's hard to wrong with action figures from Hasbro and Mattel.  We especially like the action figures because let's face it, you can't teach imagination, and that's just what these figurines do.  Kids get to interact with and hold a miniaturized version of their larger-than-life heroes and continue the stories of these characters in their own words.  For them, it's not just another piece of plastic... it IS Captain America.  How cool is that?  And for all of you parents out there who aren't superhero-savvy, here's a rundown of why you might be hearing your kids talking about them:

Iron Man 3 is coming out next month, which based upon the two previous Iron Man movies will almost certainly be a huge hit with the kids (and adults).  We've seen so many Iron Man-mad children since we've been open come in here and just go bananas for Tony Stark's alter-ego.
Thor: The Dark World is coming out this November, and while he isn't as well-known as some of his other Avenger friends, his action figures are some of the best out there.  There's even one with him swinging his hammer around, which frankly I think is way more interesting than Captain America merely holding up his shield.  Which of course brings me to...

Captain America.  Who doesn't like this guy?  He was out best-selling superhero last year, and will no doubt be getting even more attention this year since the second Captain America movie is due out early next spring.  Also a bonus, he doesn't really use guns.  At all.  So for parents who prefer to keep projectile-firing toys out of their kids' hands, Captain America is your hero!

The Wolverine is coming back in movie-form this summer, and even when I was a kid he was by far the most popular X-Men character.  So if you're wondering why your children are taking your silverware and trying to turn them into extensions of their fingers, that's probably the reason.  Lego did a great set for the film that we have in right now.

Superman is also coming back in Man of Steel this summer, and while we haven't gotten any of our Superman merchandise in, rest assured, we will once it's available to us.  We're excited to see a whole new generation learn about Superman and that aliens are actually pretty decent people.

Spider-Man 2 will also be released next year, and Hasbro has done a ton of Spider-Man related action figures that we brought in.  They have everything from action figures that are around a foot tall to pocket-sized sets that are perfect for little hands to hold.

And of course we have to have some Batman action figures and Lego sets because, well, we like Batman.  No need for any other reason!

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