Friday, April 26, 2013

Go Ogo, Go!

If you are a frequent visitor to Landis' Labyrinth Toy Shop, then you probably at some point have had us recommend the OgoSport Ogodisk to you (seen center).  We admit it, we recommend this to just about everyone for every age, but we do it for a good reason.  It's absolutely one of our best-selling items... it's a set of two lightweight discs with a mesh interior that you can used to bounce Koosh balls or any balls tennis ball-sized and under off of.  You can practice your aiming skills by playing on your own, or with another person, or if you're lucky enough to have a friend who also has a set, to get a whole group together to play.  The discs also double as flying discs so you have multiple ways to play!  The other bonus about these sets is that the "Koosh" ball that comes with it is super soft so no tears if you get bonked in the head by it.  These are designed for ages 3 and up, so everyone can have fun.

And because we love the Ogodisks so much, we had to try out their Volo line, of which we have the Fenik and Havik.  Kind of like a football with a tail, you can bend the tails of them to get them to 'fly' in different ways when you throw them.  Like the Ogodisks, the Volos are great for your backyard or the beach, but they are recommended for 6 years and up, so keep that in mind when shopping for a gift!  Let summer begin!

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