Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Avoid hard knocks with Soft Blocks!

You would think that from looking at this photo that you're looking at Legos.  I personally think it looks like cake covered with fondant pretending to be Legos, but that isn't the case.  These are Soft Blocks... squishy, foamy, colorful large bricks that you can use to build all sorts of creations (we actually made a sign at one point out of them spelling out 'TOYS' to put in our window).  The wonderful thing about this line is that the pieces hold together well and yet are super soft so if someone gets it in their head to toss one at someone, it doesn't hurt.  And if you step on one, you'll probably forget all about it unlike when you step on a Lego brick.  The pieces are a bit larger than Lego's Duplo line, so they're great for smaller hands.  Recommended for 3 years and up (they are soft so it is possible for someone to bite a chunk out of them should they too think it looks like cake covered in fondant), they are also pool and bath safe and actually float on water!  Sold in 36 piece sets in primary (plus green) colors, these are available at both our 144 N. Larchmont and Manhattan Beach locations.


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  2. Thank you, and we're happy you're enjoying our little blog and finding it helpful :)

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