Friday, March 29, 2013

Want a toy from a Danish company that IS Lego? Well, we've got it!

Oh boy, where to begin?  Well, as you can tell from the photo, we're pretty psyched about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being in Lego-form.  I mean really, how can you not love that?  There's also some great new Star Wars sets out this year which the older kids like, as well as some superhero Lego sets from Wolverine and The Dark Knight Rises (I actually have the Bat vs. Bane set which is naturally, super awesome), more Hero Factory, Hobbit, CITY, and tons of Creator sets.  We also brought back in more Duplo sets for the younger Lego fanatics, including a car one where you can 'customize' your cars much as you would with Automoblox.  We have more small to mid-size sets in, so if you're heading out to a birthday party, these sets are perfect for that.

We also have more Lego Friends sets in as well.  We thought that these deserved a special mention because the effect that this line has had at Lego is staggering.  Prior to the launch of the Friends line, 10% of Lego buyers were female. Since it's introduction, Friends has pushed this to 25% (this is only over the course of one year), and sales as a whole have gone up 25% for Lego.  Simply put, that is incredible!  We've heard great things from parents about the Friends line.  Many have said that their daughters have gone from solely buying Friends to trying out other Lego lines like Creator and CITY, and that sons and daughters play with Friends and other Lego sets together as the pieces are compatible with each other.  Overall, it seems to have removed the 'Legos are for boys' perception from children's and parents' minds (I'm female and loved Legos growing up and I'm personally so happy that the 'Legos are for boys' quote seems to have disappeared).  This year we have a Friends Tree House, Magic Show, Karate Class, and much more for you! 

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