Friday, March 29, 2013

Please give a warm welcome to the WorryWoos Monsters!

You know, sometimes it's difficult to express your emotions, especially when you're little and everything is literally looming over you!  The WorryWoo Monsters understand, and they're here to help guide your child (and you) through all of life's little worries.  Created by Andi Green, the stories behind these plush characters are thought-provoking, yet simple enough for a child to understand.  They deal with loneliness, worrying, and tough decision-making and how the monsters involved learn to overcome them in a positive way.  The stories are delightful to read (they even rhyme... which is always a bonus), the illustrations are unique and well-done, and all around, this line is a great tool in helping a child work through their troubles and know that at the end of the day, they have a buddy all their own that understands.  The plush monsters and books are sold separately, and while we recommend pairing the two together, separately they are also wonderful companions for your little ones.

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