Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello Kitty, you're so stinky!

But because you're Hello Kitty, naturally, you smell of apples, oranges, and other delightful things!
We went a little crazy with some of Hello Kitty's scented products.  Of course, we had to get the scented gel pens, and the scented lip balm (we'd be silly if we didn't), but scented temporary tattoos?  They've just combined the power of temporary tattoos, fruit scents, and Hello Kitty to make possibly the most awesome Hello Kitty item ever.  And let's not forget that they also came out with a scented emery board this season, so you can file your nails and smell nice all at the same time.  We realize that not everyone wants their Hello Kitty to smell like grapes, so we do have some non-scented items as well.  Flip-flops are an item we order in every summer, and they always sell out very early on, so snatch up these nautical-themed Hello Kitty ones soon.  We also love the Silicone Mold since you can use it for both ice cube making or mini cake baking.  Hello Kitty diaries, pencil cases, purses, hair accessories, pencils, pens, wallets, sunglasses, food containers, and even straws are just a few of the new goodies we've gotten in recently from Hello Kitty, so come on in and let your actual and/or inner child gaze upon Hello Kitty's benevolent presence and marvel at her versatility.

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