Friday, October 26, 2012

Re-order madness is happening RIGHT NOW!

And by madness, I mean that when we aren't checking in new items (Zombie Hexbugs!), we are furiously writing up new orders to get our shops full in time for the holidays.  Yes, we said holidays.  In October.  You guys are really on to shopping early this year!  Today is all about writing up reorders from some of our biggest lines, including Hasbro and Toysmith, so if you are dying for, say, Battleship, all I can say is it will be coming within the next few weeks, barring any delays from Hasbro (let's face it, it's had a bit of a resurgence this year!).  We're also going to be putting together a section of Landis' Labyrinth Employee selections with write-ups about the items.  There are so many great products in our shop that it's easy to overlook some real gems so we want you all to see why we love these products and why we think you may love them as well.

So before we jump back into the catalogs to bring you even more goodies, we just want to let you know that yes, we have Zombie Hexbugs, as well as a ton of other Hexbugs in at 140 N. Larchmont, and a new line called Little Giraffe at 144 N. Larchmont.  Little Giraffe is possibly our most difficult-to-put-down line, simply because everything in it is so very soft and cuddly.  As you can guess from the name, they do have giraffes that you need to hold in person to see why we wanted them in at Landis' Labyrinth, and absolutely beautiful, plush baby blankets that we wish came in adult sizes.  It's strange to term a blanket 'luxurious', but these ones are!  For a very special baby gift, this is something that we highly recommend considering.

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  1. Little Giraffe is my favorite line and so hard to find!! I'm super excited that you carry so much of it! Can't wait to come in!