Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's talk about tweens/teens...

This sounds like a PSA, but it really isn't.  It's a chance to introduce you to what we currently have for our "older" clientele... the ever-tricky-to-shop-for tween/teen.  We've gotten loads of requests for more products for them, which we will be on the hunt for in the next few weeks at the L.A. Gift Show.  But, in the meantime, don't fear... we actually do have items suitable for tweens/teens already in the shop that you may have overlooked!

Hot off the presses, we have Shwings.  What are Shwings, you ask?  They are super-cool wings that you can attach to any lace-up shoes to give your kicks some extra POW!  And they're based right out of Larchmont Village, so you're supporting local vendors by sporting these shoe accessories.  They're only $6.95. so they're a great way to re-vamp an old pair of shoes without breaking the bank.  Available in 23 different colors at both of our shops, come in and pick out your favorite (mine is gold) one and get ready to show off your shoes as never before!

 Also new to the shop, we have the ever-popular Might Wallets from Dynomighty.  Made from one piece of Tyvek paper, they are tear (as in ripping, not crying.  Okay, they are crying-free, too.) resistant, water resistant (Drew at the shop took his in the ocean and emerged triumphant with an intact, still new-looking wallet), and they have great designs.

We just did a huge reorder of Buckyballs, in the original nickle, colors, and the cubes.  These have been a big hit, but remember, these are designed for those of you who are 14 years old and up.  If you're wondering why, all you have have to do is perform a quick search online and you'll see why.  But for teens and adults, these guys are a great desk toy and will provide you with hours of fun.

We also have a line of keychains and necklaces in from Natural Life called Junk Market.  The idea is simple, we have a bunch of charms, initials, etc. that you can sort through and buy each piece individually and create your own unique necklace or keychain.  Very fun and a great gift!

If you've never heard of Lavishy, well, here's your chance.  Lavishy is a company based out of Canada that makes vegan leather wallets.  What is vegan leather?  It's not leather, but a synthetic material that mimics the feel and quality of leather without harming any animals.  It can be put in the garbage once you're done with it and it will start to decompose after about 10 years, so its impact on the environment is minimal.  Not to mention, their designs are beautiful and well-made (I have one that still looks new after 8 months).

These are just a few things that we have!  We also have great boardgames, jewelry, nail polish, keychains, and much more in store for you all.  Come in and check it out and let us know what else you'd like to see.

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