Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ready to make some music?

We are so psyched to have a ridiculous amount of musical instruments in right now!
 We have NEVER had this much selection, all at one time, of instruments, but since they're one of our most popular categories, we threw caution to the wind and went crazy.  Now, we know you recognize most of these instruments, but what you may not know is how we came to select the ones we have, so here's a bit of info about that...

When it comes to instruments, generally-speaking, there's usually one company that is "THE" maker for each kind.  Schoenhut Piano is that for toy pianos.  Don't believe us?  Their website is;  they are that serious about their main product.  We have 3 (!) different models from them in right now. 
The one above is the 30 Key Classic Baby Grand Piano, shown here in white but also available in black.  It comes with a matching bench, some sheet music for early learners, and a color-coded letter-note bar to place behind the keys to reference.   The sound is perfect for a toy piano... very music box-like (if you love the movie Amelie you'll love the sound of this).  It also has 4 legs to help keep it from being knocked over by an over-excited youngster, compared to the usual 3.  Also shown is Schoenhut's Parrot Ukulele, which is designed for younger players with a hard plastic body and great parrot illustration.  And below under the piano, we have melodicas back in stock!  This baby sounds like an accordion, but is far easier to play.  You simply blow into the mouthpiece and play notes the way you would with a piano.  And it even comes with a padded case to keep it safe for years to come!

This piano here is their Piano Pals model, being offered in Red with a puppy on the side from us.  This piano is what first drew us to Schoenhut.  You can place it directly on the ground, flat, for toddlers who aren't totally comfortable with sitting/standing still.  Once they're ready for the big time, this piano comes with an addition to attach the piano to to make it taller.  This is truly a toy that grows with your child!  And the sound is perfect as well.  You can also see to the left of it a lovely thumb piano.  This thumb piano, which is based upon an African instrument called a mbira or kalimba, has a durable plastic body with metal 'keys' that can be tuned as you like.  If you've ever listened to African lullaby music, you've heard this instrument.  It's easy to play, and almost impossible to get a bad sound out of.  It also has two 'wa-wa' holes in the back to create a vibrato-effect when you move your fingers over them.

We also have this piano (the huge one on the bottom) still boxed up that is the ultimate in toy pianos... an upright spinet piano in Mahogany-color.  This is the perfect centerpiece for your toy room, and something that is sure to have a crowd of eager children clamoring to play it for years to come.

Moving on to percussion, we have something we've always wanted to carry but haven't until now... a complete drum kit!  It's got everything you need to bring out the inner Animal in you (like the Muppet reference?).  We don't have it out for people to play, since chances are, we wouldn't be able to hear our customers with that out in the open begging to be played.  But what we DO have are some top quality Remo drums from Trophy Music.  Which brings me to my next bit o' info;  Who or what is Trophy Music?  Also known as Grover-Trophy Music (we like nicknames), Trophy makes a incredible range of real music instruments, meaning, we would be comfortable recommending their wooden ukuleles to adults eager to give them a shot.  After testing out a variety of brands at all prices in a music shop, we found the sound of the Trophy ukulele to be just as good if not better than many of the ukuleles, including ones retailing for over $200.00 (the Trophy one is only $51.95).  They also distribute harmonicas from Hohner (one of the top brands of harmonicas in the world), as well as the previously mentioned Remo drums.  Remo makes some of the best drum heads in the world (as in the part you hit with a drum stick), and these drums are specially designed to withstand a 3 year old novice's approach to playing drums.  We have tom-tom drums (our best-seller), congas, bongos, and tambourines from Remo thanks to Trophy Music.  They also make the ever-popular Thunder Tubes that we carry, something that needs to be played in person to truly appreciate.

And there you have it!  We also have kazoos, clackers, egg shakers, maracas, and more in stock right now.  We get asked a lot why the instruments we carry are more expensive than ones you'd find at Target, and the answer is simple... you get what you pay for!  We order the best instruments we can find for children, ones that even professional musicians come in to buy on occasion.  So if you want an instrument that will last you for years and sound excellent, come on by Landis' Labyrinth!

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